3 Tips for Better Understanding Your Online Audience

Most businesses today use social media channels such as facebook, linkedin, twitter etc to drive brand awareness and sales. With Google Analytics you can gather crucial information about your audience, your website activity and your social channels.

If you are new to analytics the platform can be daunting however it is worth your attention.  Every section of analytics holds valuable information about how your audience responds to your site and channels, how they move through your site and even shows you where you could improve.


Lets start by looking at the Audience and Acquisition sections of analytics. There are three critical aspects you want to focus on for these two areas:

  • Whether your social media targeting aligns with your website visitiors
  • Whether you’re utilizing the right social media channel for your business
  • The effectiveness of your social strategy in terms of your social voice and messaging on social channels.

Tip #1

The Audience Section.

This section provides a lot of information about the people who visit your website, such as their age, gender, location, interests, browsers, and mobile devices. It shows you how people are driven to your website and it shows you the social medial referral traffic.

Lets look at age, gender, and location. To do so under Audience take a look at the demographics for age and gender and location can be found under Geo.


By understanding the average “age” of your website and social channels you can prioritize which social channels to focus on. Statistics have shown us based on age which channel is used the most by what age groups.

So how do you find out the age of your audience? In the Audience section under click the arrow next to Demographics and select “age” you can also select a time frame in the dropdown as well. By analyzing the age of your audience you can better understand how to target content and materials as well as better understand which social media platform is best for you to target. Analytics will demonstrate which platforms your audience prefers.


Under Demographics (click the arrow before it once again) you will see Gender. Click it! By knowing the gender of your audience you can better gear the tone of your posts, ads etc that you use for social media channels. By knowing the gender of your audience you have an edge on how and what to market to be best received by your audience.


Under the Acquisition section you will find Locations, click the arrow before it to reveal its sub sections and click on Geo, set the time frame if you like, and then review your stats. This will show you which states drive the most traffic to your website. This is extremely important for understanding where to target your social media ads. So if the city your business is located in is not the top city on the list you may want to refine your social media channel ads to target your specific location in order to reach more people close to your location.

Tip #2

Which one of the social channels you are using provides the most traffic to your website.

Here we see how people arrived at your website. What channel or source is driving the most traffic to your site. To find these traffic referrers click Acquisition then the arrow next to All Traffic then select Channels. Once again you can select the timeframe if you like at the top of the screen. Once you see the results for Channels click on Social to see your social media results. This tells you which channel plays the biggest role in driving traffic to your website.

Tip #3

Make Your Adjustments.

After identifying your audience, their location and best traffic channel, you can make an informed decision on how you want to proceed with your marketing strategy.

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