A Better Mobile User Experience

Do you want to provide customers with a better User Experience? Consider developing a native mobile app.

With the increasing potential to reach out to customers through their phones, we see many businesses moving on to mobile apps. If you are thinking of taking the plunge here are some things you might want to consider.

Why do you need an app?

By starting with a website and then developing an app, you can assure your customers will have a better user experience. With an app you may decide to add functions that aren’t technologically possible on your website, such as push notifications. Push notifications will allow you to keep in touch with your users on a regular basis. Notifying new and existing customers of your latest promotions will encourage them to make an interaction with your business.

cross-platform-marketingWith proper push notification marketing you will see a great ROI through in-app purchases of either your goods and services. With modern payment methods, like apple pay and google wallet, users are able to make payments easier than ever before. Apple pay is on the rise, and will soon be available for websites, now is a great time to give users access to this payment method.

Analyzing the Users Experience?

First you want to analyze how users use your website. Are they looking for your company on their phones? Today website owners are finding that this has increased dramatically. And what is their experience in doing so? Lets take a look at social media. Most started with just websites then moved to native apps. The apps have slightly different functionality based on what the companies wanted them to do but they are widely accepted and used in place of a browser and website on devices such as tablets and smart phones.

At Infinite Design & Marketing, we will identify your target audience, analyze your user base and design a plan that best suites your needs. Thus, allowing your business to reach a wider customer base and provide users with the best cross-platform experience.

Contact us today for more information on how your business can get a mobile app to support your Sacramento and Placer County users.