43 Million Weebly Credentials Hacked

43 million usernames and passwords for Weebly website’s were breached. However, this wasn’t a recent event, it happened last February. Newly released information from LeakedSource has portrayed the truths behind the data breach and the total number of users effected by the breach. LeakedSource said they obtained the database from an anonymous source and informed …

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5 Hacks to Grow your Business

1. Launch or Update your website. A website provides you with 24/7 access to your content, blog, store and or services. This is a great way to connect with your audience. If you are not currently online take your business online to increase sales. If your website IS currently online but you are not getting …

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How Color can Effect Your Website Conversion Rate

Not having quite the conversion rate on your website you had hoped for? Masters in Psychologyguide.com have provided a chart that might be just right for you! This chart explores the psychology of color and how it is interpreted by the human brain and demonstrates how unicorn companies capitalize on this. When deciding on color …

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Apple to Launch Apple Pay Buttons for Website

Apple to Launch Apple Pay Buttons for Website. Competition for Paypal? Apple announced today at its WWDC 2016 conference that it is working with retailers to expand an Apple Pay from apps to websites to make purchasing easier on e-commerce sites. It will work only for users of Safari with fingerprint enabled iPhones, iPads or …

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