How Color can Effect Your Website Conversion Rate

Not having quite the conversion rate on your website you had hoped for? Masters in have provided a chart that might be just right for you! This chart explores the psychology of color and how it is interpreted by the human brain and demonstrates how unicorn companies capitalize on this.

When deciding on color you want to consider a few things, who is your audience, what are you trying to do? If you are a website that is supporting a cause you may want to use pink, if you are trying get people to join, buy or sign up for something go with orange! Want to make people feel comfortable and at home? Blue! Many times we have had clients want to move away from color and into white space on a website. You can see based on this study that “the most powerful color may be no color at all.” The eye, and the brain like their white space.

Take a look at this chart, we found it to be inspiring and want to share it with our clients. Though we always discuss the effects of color in the design process we do always honor your design choices. At Infinite Website Design, we always to provide you with the best information and product for you and your business.

Contact us if you would like to discuss the color your website and conversion rate for your Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin or Lincoln business.

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Psychology of Color in Unicorn Companies - - Infographic