SEO Items You Can Fix if You’re on a Budget

A successful SEO campaign is essential to the success of your business in the digital space (online) and is a worthy investment. Though most business owners recognize this, for small businesses it can be daunting due to a set or limited budget.


Some Quick Fixes You Can Address.

If you are not familiar with the behind the scenes workings of your website you may want to have a web/seo professional give you a hand and ease your burden. At Infinite Website Design and Marketing, we will analyze the current state of your site and plan a strategy to based on findings and your budget- thats right your budget! If you are a bit web savvy go ahead and try some of these extremely helpful seo fixes that may help put or keep you in the game!

  • Check for links that are redirecting to more than one page, these need to be fixed asap.
  • Title Tags- Your title tags need to be the proper length (60-65 characters is safe) and relevant to the content of the individual page. No repeats. Each page’s title tag needs to be unique. Properly set up title tags are known factors in search ranking.
  • Broken links- does your site have broken links? Time consuming yes- but these need to be addressed.

These are but a few elements that may be found by an analysis of your website and can be fixed, the benefits by doing so, contribute to better search ranking result.

Relevant On-site Content.

Google makes it their priority to match queries of the end user with only websites that have content relevant to the specific query. With Google is always pumping out new updates, it is essential that the content on your website is relevant.

Links Links Links!

Link acquisition is extremely relevant in 2016. Organic links are best for your website though a basic strategy of creating relevant content that people WILL want to link to. These are your best links. Building and monitoring the quality and effectiveness of your links is a solid strategy increasing your authority, search ranking and ROI.

If you are on a budget but would like better search ranking, more traffic and sales from your website, take a look at the items mentioned here. If you have a budget to work , work with it! It will be well worth the investment.

The best way to create a successful SEO strategy is to know your target market, understand their needs and get a feel for the marketing aspect. The good news? At Infinite we have been providing SEO and Social Media services for over 18 years. We analyze your website, take a look at what your competitors are doing, and design a strategy that is right for you and within your budget. At infinite we believe everyone deserves a change at the greatest online experience for them.

So here is your To Do List:

  1. Check for links that are redirecting to more than one page.
  2. Fix your Title Tags.
  3. Fix broken links on your entire site.
  4. Review your website content. Is it fresh? Is it Relevant? Update your content as needed.
  5. Be sure that you have valuable organic links.
  6. Understanding your audience so you can serve them better.
  7. Become comfortable with your marketing strategy.

Covering this small list of items can make a world of difference in your online presence. Fee free to contact Infinite Website design serving Sacramento, Lincoln, Rocklin and all of Placer County if you have any questions, would like a free website/seo analysis and /or are looking to improve your search ranking, traffic to your site and ROI!

Watch for our videos on SEO basics coming soon!