Custom WordPress Website Design

WordPress delivers incredible functionality and customization, and we deliver incredible WordPress design.

A CMS Like No Other. WordPress.

WordPress is universally recognized as one of the most user-friendly content management systems (CMS) currently available. The intuitive design and easy functionality of WordPress allows you to take complete control of your website, updating content and initiating marketing programs without the need for a webmaster. If you host your WordPress site with Infinite and do run into any issues, we provide up to three hours of free consulting for your admin panel per quarter.


Customization is the name of the game with WordPress. The plugin architecture allows us to incorporate a vast array of custom features into your website, depending on the specific needs and goals of your business or brand. These specialized features can easily be controlled through the CMS, allowing you to toggle them on or off with the click of a button. 


Once your unique site is complete, you will be able to update it yourself with new pages, vidoes, banner images, and any other customizable content you desire. Editing your site is just as simple, and you can even use the CMS to manage your social media presence. WordPress also makes it easy to initiate email marketing campaigns without going through another party--mailing lists, forums, and eCommerce stores are all supported by the CMS.

CMS Maintenance Has Never Been Easier

In order to organically attract traffic, you need to regularly update your website. Google, along with virtually every other major search engine, gives a higher ranking to websites with new or updated content.

That means if you don’t have fresh content you are failing.

WordPress makes updating your website a breeze, allowing you to keep your content relevant on the fly. No more wasted hours figuring out HTML, dealing with third-party contractors, or going back and forth with your web manager.

Between the time you will save and the reduced expenses of website marketing, you can expect to maximize your site’s ROI. WordPress also provides the tools to analyze your site’s traffic, so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your brand’s health.

Managing a WordPress site is easy. Designing one isn’t. Contact the experts today.

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