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Attract new customers and please your existing base with a stylish yet intuitive eCommerce site.

Businesses Must Adapt To Stay Relevant

No matter what product or service you offer, regardless of how long your business has been serving the community, you need to have a dedicated eCommerce website. Rest assured that if you don’t, your competitors will. The online economy boom is only growing bigger, and retailers who rely solely on foot traffic at their brick and mortar locations are an endangered species.

The great news is that smart eCommerce website design doesn’t just provide a means for selling your goods or services online. By advertising flash sales and offering in-store pick-up and other promotions, an eCommerce website can also drive customers to visit your retail space. Instead of struggling to keep your local clientele who do more and more shopping online, you can strengthen your customer loyalty while simultaneously reaching a literal global market.

Practical eCommerce Solutions

Thanks to our experienced design team, utilizing eCommerce solutions to boost sales and reach a wider audience is as easy as contacting Infinite. We employ Woocommerce, an intuitive WordPress plugin that is easy to update and maintain. By utilizing eCommerce solutions that are integrated directly into the CMS, you’ll maintain complete control over your online store.


On the front end, our user-friendly eCommerce websites provide your clientele with a sleek, modern interface. Concluding the customer journey on such a high note inevitably boosts sales. As nearly half of all online sales are now being completed on mobile devices, our responsive sites are designed to look and function just as sharply on smartphones and tablets.


On the back end, our CMS enables you to update your inventory with foolproof ease and accuracy. You can generate reports on virtually any facet of your business, from top sales to popular products to tax documentation. And if your POS system has an API we can easily integrate it, too, enabling even more possibilities. 


Building you the perfect eCommerce website isn’t the end of our work, either. We don’t believe the job is done until we’ve taught you everything you need to know in order to successfully manage your online storefront. Thanks to Woocommerce’s easy-to-learn UI, you don’t have to become a webmaster to master our custom-built sites.

Is Your Website Everything It Could Be?

No matter your industry, from finance to marketing, virtually every function has gone digital. Plug in your URL to see if your website is delivering what it needs to.

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Getting The Word Out On Your eCommerce Business

Designing and developing websites is only part of what we do — we are also highly experienced  at marketing eCommerce sites. For those interested in a package that includes marketing, we can seamlessly incorporate SEO into your landing page. This generates organic traffic to your site based on your particular business, promoting your specific services or products.

We back-up our integrated SEO with heavy marketing on social media. A multi-channel campaign that manages search engine keyword strings and social media marketing can push conversions in any direction you want, be it the promotion of your brand or an online personality.

Not all eCommerce sites are created equally.
Let’s talk about taking yours to the next level.

Our Services

Infinite Design & Marketing uses a unique integrated approach when working with our clients to fully help their businesses grow. We provide a full scope of digital solutions serving the Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln and Placer County.