Graphic Design Solutions

Our graphic designers can transform the perception of your brand across every medium, from print to digital.

At Infinite, we understand that graphic design is the backbone of marketing. It is all about communicating with an audience through a visual medium, after all, and people tend to respond strongly to eye-catching stimulus. With this principle in mind, our team meticulously designs the typography, layout, and imagery of every single project to fit the needs of the client. Our projects aren’t just effective ads or works of art, they’re art that works.

Graphic Design Essentials

We create original logos for businesses, as well as designing branded stationary, envelopes, white papers, powerpoint presentations and other documentation. Whether we are creating business cards, brochures, folders, flyers, displays, or trade show materials, we utilize cutting edge technology to keep you abreast as the project develops.

Promotional materials are our specialty, and these have also come a long way in recent years. We still produce a large volume of branded apparel, glassware, magnets, stickers, labels, mailers, door hangers, and other such classic swag, but we also custom design jump drive graphics, CD covers, and virtually anything else you can think of. Anything that can promote your brand can be improved with smart design.

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No matter your industry, from finance to marketing, virtually every function has gone digital. Plug in your URL to see if your website is delivering what it needs to.

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Graphic Design in the Digital Age

Impressive graphic design is even more paramount in the digital sphere, when literally every website is in competition with one another for attentive eyeballs. Our graphic designers work with writers to bring out the full potential of articles and ebooks. They coordinate with our digital marketing team to create targeted ads that can’t be ignored. And they work with our web designers to make sure that every new site pops. Given the intensely collaborative nature of graphic design, our team is always paying close attention to interdisciplinary developments.

In today’s lightspeed business environment, nothing can hurt a brand faster than the perception that they are out of touch. With potential customers bouncing from their laptop to their phone to their watch, graphic designers need to be aware of how their work will translate across platforms and design accordingly. With the creation of responsive and flexible logos that play well across myriad devices, our graphic design team aren’t just aware of the newest trends, they set them.

The Power Of Innovative Graphic Design Can’t Be Denied.
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Our Services

Infinite Design & Marketing uses a unique integrated approach when working with our clients to fully help their businesses grow. We provide a full scope of digital solutions serving the Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln and Placer County.