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Your Entire Clientele Is On Social Media. Are You?

What does your current clientele have in common with the legions of prospects and leads you have yet to convert? They are all active on social media networks. From Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn, nearly 70% of adult Americans have at least one social media account. For millennials, that figure is closer to 90%. Any business that fails to pursue customers on social media can and will be overshadowed by their savvier competitors.

Successfully leveraging social media as a marketing tool requires more than just being present on the same networks as your target demographics. You need to make posts that actively engages the user–if they aren’t liking, sharing, or commenting on your content then you’re wasting your time and money.

So how do you determine what material to post to connect with your audience?

By knowing your product, researching your demographic, and working with a team of expert SMM strategists to produce content that feels both engaging and authentic.

Demystifying Social Media

Infinite Design & Marketing can offer you revolutionary insights into SMM strategies. Our social media strategists collaborate with designers and copywriters to craft unique content incorporating the precise imagery and storytelling that will resonate with your target audience. This is how you not only engage your existing clientele but also draw in new prospects and leads.

By posting original content that connects with users looking like just another ad, your brand will come across as more authentic. This commitment to producing authentic content guides our approach to SMO/SMM. There is simply no better way to win new conversions and secure brand loyalty then by generating material that customers find legitimately engaging.

Connecting with your existing customer base is a great first step for your social media presence, but to actually see a sizable ROI you need multiple strategies for attracting fresh leads. Running giveaways and other promotions on social media is one of our proven methods of transforming prospects into conversions. Click-throughs are never easier than when you offer your leads the opportunity to win something for nothing. Running a successful social media campaign requires a meticulously researched combination of targeted ads, lead lists, and landing pages for any contest.

Is Your Website Everything It Could Be?

No matter your industry, from finance to marketing, virtually every function has gone digital. Plug in your URL to see if your website is delivering what it needs to.

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You Can’t Just Have A Social Media Strategy. You Need A Strategy For Every Network

The modern consumer experiences life through a blur of different social media accounts, smeared across the various devices they skip between throughout the day. To have any hope of generating useful impressions, a digital ad campaign can’t just pop up in a prospect’s feed, it has to actually provide content that captures their attention. Each major social media network has its own formula, and understanding these is crucial to succeeding on every respective platform.

Nearly half a billion professionals use LinkedIn, and to connect with them you need a strategy that balance text ads with display ads, along with targeted sponsored content.

Facebook’s users number in the billions, but it has nearly as many rules and algorithms that interfere with advertising. If you only pay for Facebook’s sponsored posts and video ads you will miss out on the opportunity to attract new customers via a process called retargeting, where you identify so-called “lookalike audiences” that share features with your existing client base and market to them accordingly.

With its strong visual emphasis, Instagram may seem like a natural home for digital advertising but properly leveraging the platform requires more than just posting photo, video, or carousel ads. Whether you hope to encourage a mobile app installation, a video view or other engagement, or to bring them out of the app entirely for click-throughs and conversion, anything is possible — so long as you have the right digital advertising team.

Don’t Want To Manage Your Own Social Media Accounts? You Don’t Have To.

We get it: not everyone loves planning social advertising campaigns, parsing platform analytics, or playing with Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports. We can help. Here at Infinite we not only develop effective social media marketing strategies, we can manage virtually everything from ideation to engagement with your clientele via comment monitoring. That leaves you free to pursue the aspects of your business you want, knowing your social media presence is in the best possible hands.

Social Media Marketing is harder than it looks. Let us make it easy for you.

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