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End to end design and development for virtually any web app.

Our Web Application Development Process Builds Better Software

Web app development has a relatively short development life cycle, and so it is critical to streamline every step of the process for maximum efficiency. Here at Infinite Marketing and Design, we have perfected our web app development pipeline. 

Our process begins with an in-depth consultation to determine the technological needs of your project. Once we’ve established the best stack for your purposes, we proceed to the discovery and strategizing phase. Here we establish parameters, prepare documentation, and troubleshoot any potential issues. 

Only after we have thoroughly mapped out our approach do we move on to software prototyping. Developing an accurate proof-of-concept that accounts for potential real-world applications is instrumental in determining the potential viability of a web app before fully committing the resources to build it. These preliminary steps in the development process ensure a better designed finished project at a fraction of the cost.

Methods For Improving Performance, Architecture, Scalability

In order to optimize every web app we develop, the Infinite team pays special attention to transaction throughput and fault tolerance. We never lose sight of concerns regarding scalability, resilience, or availability, ensuring that your app won’t fumble or fail during critical periods of business growth. We have moved past service-oriented architecture to microservices architecture, and combine cutting edge technologies with years of experience to design and launch a vast array of apps.


Developing cloud-native applications requires a particular combination of expertise and tools. The potential and demand for these lightweight containers is growing exponentially. Our team of cloud experts can walk you through the possibilities of using open source technologies to explore exciting new integrations and alignments.

Is Your Website Everything It Could Be?

No matter your industry, from finance to marketing, virtually every function has gone digital. Plug in your URL to see if your website is delivering what it needs to.

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Cross-platform App Development

Modern web apps need to look great and function perfectly on mobile and tablet devices, even if they weren’t exclusively built for them. Whether your project is intended to be cross-platform or is specifically designed for mobile use, we can create an app that combines convenience, functionality, and sleek visuals. Our HTML5/JavaScript apps over perform on any device, and our attention to UI/UX detail delights users. We are also adept at updating and porting existing web interfaces into sleeker, more efficient experiences.

Surpassing Security and Compliance Standards

We consider security and compliance requirements to be a top concern. Various industries have their own specifications, and our experienced team is up for the challenge of meeting any business continuity standards. Whether you need your app to be HIPPA or PCI compliant, encrypted via SSL, or any other security measure, we can deliver maximum protection and compliance.

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