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Cloud-based Solutions

Cloud hosting is universally recognized as the superior hosting technology. By hosting websites on virtual servers that in turn draw their computational resources from a massive network of underlying physical web servers, it is possible to improve functionality and security while conserving financial resources. Cloud hosting also makes it easier to expand your global reach and integrate new locations, and is well-suited for both private and public cloud deployments.


One of the most critical questions in developing any website is what cloud hosting service to employ. After extensive research and years of experience, Infinite Marketing and Design has determined that Liquid Web Solutions offers the most reliable cloud-based solutions found anywhere on the web. As a local business ourselves, we also appreciate that they are an American company who takes good care of their employees. They are the biggest managed cloud provider in the world.


We are firm believers in cloud hosting, since the cloud basically expands to keep pace with your business. That means you don’t experience any slowdowns as you grow, enjoying the same high-speed server response times when you hit 10 thousand users a month as you did at 10. What’s more, with Liquid Web Solutions can offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so you never have to worry about an extended crash taking out your website.

Support You Can Rely On

As a local business ourselves, Infinite Marketing and Design appreciates the importance of being able to get support from someone close at hand who understands your unique circumstances. That’s why we provide something that just about nobody else in the industry can offer: our own 24-hour tech support, on call seven days a week. As a result you will always get the help you need from a local expert, instead of getting stuck trying to explain a complicated situation to someone overseas who has no context for you or your business. 


Due to the reliability of our service you may never need to contact tech support, but in the unlikely event that you do require assistance with your cloud-hosting service there is always someone in your neighborhood to help.

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